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Introducing Vegam by Rosh Elevators manufacturers: The Ultimate Vertical Transportation Solution

Vegam, proudly presented by Rosh Elevators, represents the epitome of innovation in vertical transportation. With meticulous attention to detail and cutting-edge engineering, Vegam is designed to surpass all expectations.

Key Specifications:

Maximum Rise:

Vegam reaches towering heights with a maximum rise of 54 meters, ensuring seamless access to every level of your building.


Experience swift and smooth travel with Vegam's adjustable speed range, ranging from a comfortable 1 meter per second to a rapid 3 meters per second.

Duty Load:

Vegam boasts a versatile duty load capacity, accommodating loads ranging from 408 kilograms to an impressive 3000 kilograms, facilitating efficient transportation of passengers and cargo.

Maximum Stops:

Vegam ensures convenience with the ability to access up to 18 stops within your building, allowing for seamless navigation between floors.

Power Supply:

Powered by a reliable 3-phase power supply, Vegam delivers consistent performance and reliability, even in demanding environments.


Vegam's installation is optimized for space efficiency, requiring a minimal pit depth of 1200 millimeters below the lowest floor level.


Enjoy ample headroom within the elevator cabin, courtesy of Vegam's generous overhead clearance of 4200 millimeters.

Elevate Your Building Experience with Rosh Elevators Manufacturers in Hyderbad:

Vegam isn't just an elevator; it's a testament to progress and sophistication. Elevate your building experience with Vegam by Rosh Elevators Manufacturers. Contact us today to discover how Vegam can revolutionize vertical transportation in your building.

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Two Steel Elevator side by side and a desk as a counter in front of the Rosh elevator's lifts.
  • Maximum Rise

    54 m

  • Speed

    1 m/s - 3 m/s

  • Duty Load

    408 Kg - 3000 Kg

  • Maximum Stops


  • Power Supply

    3 Phase

  • Pit

    1200 mm

  • Overhead

    4200 mm

Elevator surrounded by cross going stairs and a open space on the roof.

Vegam (MRL)

Rosh Elevator
Doors of the Elevator are open and inside Roof of the Elevator can be seen which has circle lights attached.

Vegam (MRL)

Rosh Elevator
Roof of the Elevator have lights attached on the corners and boxes lines are drawn on the walls.

Vegam (MRL)

Rosh Elevator
Two Rosh elevators lifts are on the top floor in there lane and there belts are attached to particular lift.

Vegam (MRL)

Rosh Elevator
Designed in a hollow circle are the two lanes of the Elevators

Vegam (MRL)

Rosh Elevator