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At Rosh Elevators, we take pride in introducing our latest innovation: the Home Ride Elevator. Designed to redefine residential vertical transportation, our elevator combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design to elevate your home living experience.

Experience Elevated Living:

Imagine effortlessly moving between floors in your home, enjoying smooth and comfortable rides every time. With the Home Ride Elevator, this becomes a reality. Our elevator is engineered to provide seamless transportation within your residence, ensuring convenience and accessibility for all occupants.

Key Features:

Maximum Rise: Reach heights of up to 12 meters with our Home Ride Elevator, providing access to every level of your home.

Speed: Experience swift and smooth rides at a comfortable speed of 0.5 meters per second, enhancing the efficiency of vertical transportation.

Duty Load: With a robust capacity of 272 kilograms, our elevator can accommodate passengers and belongings with ease, making it perfect for residential use.

Maximum Stops: Conveniently access up to 4 stops within your home, allowing for flexible movement between different levels.

Power Supply: Our elevator operates efficiently on a single-phase power supply, minimizing energy consumption while delivering reliable performance.

Pit: Featuring a minimal pit depth requirement of 600 millimeters, our elevator installation is designed to integrate seamlessly into your home space.

Overhead: Enjoy ample overhead clearance of 3600 millimeters, ensuring a comfortable and spacious environment within your elevator.

Elevate Your Home Living Today:

Upgrade your home with the Home Ride Elevator by Rosh Elevators. Experience the convenience, luxury, and sophistication of seamless vertical transportation within your residence. Contact us now to learn more and schedule a consultation with our experts. Elevate your home living with Rosh Elevators.

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Man pressing the button cellar from all the other buttons of the Rosh Elevator.
  • Maximum Rise

    12 m

  • Speed

    0.5 m/s

  • Duty Load

    272 Kg

  • Maximum Stops


  • Power Supply

    1 Phase

  • Pit

    600 mm

  • Overhead

    3600 mm

All Lift buttons and a key is inserted to the lift lock.

Home Ride

Rosh Elevator
Elevator buttons showcasing number one, four and six mainly.

Home Ride

Rosh Elevator
Buttons of the Rosh elevator and button 6 is in red.

Home Ride

Rosh Elevator
Circle with a triangle inside it build on a steel door of the lift.

Home Ride

Rosh Elevator
Key inserted in the lift lock and many other buttons are also there.

Home Ride

Rosh Elevator