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There comes a time when costly repairs are no longer the best option.

Elevators and lifts will get older like us. As it get older and older, it will meet problems like more energy consumption, decrease in efficiency of carrying people and so on. Modernizing the system will increase the carrying capacity and comfort; while it reduces energy consumption. A modernized elevator does the job better. It will have less waiting, fewer breakdowns, and less frustration – all from an existing elevator. Also, Modernization is a mandatory criteria to meet legal requirements. We at Rosh Elevators leverage our extensive knowledge and new technologies efficiently and effectively in your existing system to create a next-generation installation that meets your requirements and current standards and regulations which increase the value of the building. Our team of technicians has modernized hundreds of elevators in our journey for the past 17 years in the industry, and we take great pride in helping our customers improve passenger safety and add value to their buildings.

Guidelines to modernization

If your elevators are more than 15 years old, your building usage has changed, you're receiving complaints, or even you are competing with newer buildings, then your elevator can seek the benefit from Rosh modernization which helps to improve its performance and reliability.

Life-cycle for control equipment is about 15 years if properly maintained.



If you have monthly or weekly call-backs on equipment it is time to consider modernization before bigger costly problems arise.

Even with service agreements, there can be some extra billable calls every year. But, now it is caused by the age of elevator and by obsolete parts.

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If your answer matches to any of the above questions, you probably need a modernization or at least an upgrade. We use industry leading non-proprietary equipment with the help of latest technologies. We can do the elevator portion only, or we can do the work turn-key if additional work is involved. Feel free to contact us to set up an appointment for a free equipment survey and estimate. Ring as @ +91-9052001050,9052001242

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Benefits of Modernization

Rosh Elevator modernizes your elevators and lifts to meet your specific needs. With our unique offerings, you can enjoy:

  • The latest technology.
  • Improved occupancy and leasing rates.
  • Cost-effective modernization.
  • Minimal building disruption.
  • Enhanced sustainability.
  • Shortened lead times.
  • Improved performance, safety and reliability.
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