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Discover Elevator Excellence with Rosh Elevator Private Limited

At Rosh Elevator Private Limited, we pride ourselves on delivering elevator solutions that redefine comfort, safety, and efficiency. Explore our meticulously crafted elevators, designed to elevate your vertical transportation experience to new heights.

Maximum Rise: 36 meters

Experience seamless vertical transportation with our elevators boasting a maximum rise of 36 meters, ensuring effortless navigation through multi-story buildings.

Speed Range: 0.70 m/s - 1 m/s

Enjoy smooth and efficient travel with our elevators featuring a speed range from 0.70 meters per second to 1 meter per second, catering to varying needs and preferences.

Duty Load: 480 Kg - 3000 Kg

Our elevators are engineered to accommodate diverse loads, ranging from 480 kilograms to 3000 kilograms, providing flexibility and reliability in every journey.

Maximum Stops: 12

Efficiently serve bustling environments with our elevators capable of making up to 12 stops, ensuring precise and reliable service in high-traffic areas.

Power Supply: 3 Phase

Operate with confidence knowing that our elevators are powered by a reliable 3-phase power supply, ensuring consistent and uninterrupted service.

Pit Depth: 1200 mm

Enhance safety and reliability with our elevators featuring a pit depth of 1200 millimeters, meticulously designed to meet stringent safety standards.

Overhead Clearance: 4200 mm

Experience ample overhead clearance with our elevators, providing a spacious and comfortable ride with a clearance of 4200 millimeters.

Machine Room Height: 1800 mm

Facilitate ease of maintenance and accessibility with our elevators featuring a spacious machine room with a height of 1800 millimeters, ensuring optimal functionality and serviceability.

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Rosh Elevators Lift Door with a black glass window on it and lift buttons on the wall.
  • Maximum Rise

    36 m

  • Speed

    0.70 m/s - 01 m/s

  • Duty Load

    480 Kg - 3000 Kg

  • Maximum Stops


  • Power Supply

    3 Phase

  • Pit

    1200 mm

  • Overhead

    4200 mm

  • Machine room

    1800 mm

Transparent Glass Lift with glass in the surround wall.

Comfort (Geared)

Rosh Elevator
Two lift door space side by side.

Comfort (Geared)

Rosh Elevator
Two Rosh Elevators Lift Glass Doors side by side.

Comfort (Geared)

Rosh Elevator
Two lift space with differen design patterns.

Comfort (Geared)

Rosh Elevator
Lift door in the center and all buttons on left and right side of the lift door.

Comfort (Geared)

Rosh Elevator