Integrated Control System

Elevator integrated drive and controller, a variety of factors, including elevators' safety and reliability, inherent characteristics of elevator operation, and potential energy load characteristic of elevators/are taken into consideration. Designed based on variable frequency speed regulation technology and elevator control technology, the elevator integrated drive and controller is an ideal combination of an elevator drive and an elevator controller. Its dual 32-bit embedded microprocessor unit allows it to complete both elevator operation and motor drive functions. The multiple elevator operation functions can satisfy customer's different application requirements. In addition, the elevator integrated drive and controller offers improved performance, usage convenience, and economical efficiency, and it also features compact structure, small size, few wire connection and high reliability.

Why to Choose the Elevator Integrated Drive and Controller?

Elevators with the integrated drive and controller offer higher safety standard, because the control system and drive system both offer safety protection functions. Meanwhile, the anti-interference capability of the integrated system is exceeding the highest level of related industrial standard.

Due to CAN bus serial communication, the elevator integrated drive and controller is provided with simple wire connection, strong data transmission capability and high reliability. It also offers high compatibility, as it is applicable for both Synchronous motors and asynchronous motors. Incremental ABZ encoders can be utilized to achieve Synchronous motor control.

The adoption of advanced vector control technology allows the elevator integrated drive and controller to offer superior motor speed regulation performance, thus enabling the elevator to offer passengers comfortable feeling, Our newly developed bad sensor free start compensation technology also allows the elevator to provide comfortable feeling while starting without installation of a weighting device.

The elevator integrated drive and controller offers elevators higher operation efficiency, and it also offers group control function. It is able to control maximally eight elevators synchronously, and also supports group control of elevators aiming to the same floors.

Designed based on new PWM dead time compensation technology and dynamic PWM carrier modulation technology, the elevator integrated drive and controller is able to reduce motor noise and motor loss effectively.

Due to improved hardware design, the elevator integrated drive controller offers a maximum Junction temperature of 175C, low switch loss. This ensures the long service life of the equipment.